Terms and Conditions


  • Business Day means Monday to Friday, prior to 5.00 pm and not a public holiday in Sydney.
  • Client is the person or organisation that has requested the issue of the pool compliance certificate or their agent, and is authorised to agree to these conditions
  • Certified Pool Inspector (CPI) means an employee of Armstrong Projects Pty Limited
  • Land means the location on which the Pool Fence is located
  • Owner means the registered owner of the Land
  • Armstrong Projects Pty Limited may also be referred to as Armstrong Projects, us, our, we, as appropriate.


Payment Obligations

The Client agrees:

  1. To pay to Armstrong Projects Pty Limited the agreed inspection fee prior the scheduled inspection of the Pool.
  2. If the Client does not pay the agreed fee before the scheduled inspection time, then Armstrong Projects have no obligation to attend the property to inspect the pool fence and the Client is deemed to have cancelled the scheduled inspection of the pool.


Cancellation Fee

An inspection can be cancelled at any time prior to the date of inspection, by calling (02) 8484 0353. The cancellation must be done before close of business on the day prior to the inspection appointment.

  1. The inspection may be rescheduled to another agreed date, without additional cost, provided it is rescheduled 48hrs prior to close of business on the day prior to the original inspection appointment.
  2. If you reschedule the appointment on the same day as the inspection appointment, additional charges will apply for travel and administration costs.
  3. If you cancel 48 hours prior to the inspection appointment, you will receive a full refund, less the $75 administration and transaction costs.
  4. If the cancellation is within 48 hours of the inspection appointment, you will receive a full refund, less $125 administration and transaction costs.
  5. If you cancel the inspection appointment on the day of the appointment, are not available when the inspector arrives at the premises so that the inspector is not able to complete the inspection or the agreed method of access for the inspector has not been provided resulting in the inspector not being able to gain access, then no refund will be given.


Customer Warranty and Other Obligations

The Client

  1. Agrees that if the Client is not the Owner, then the Client will within two (2) days of receipt deliver to the Owner all documentation issued by Armstrong Projects to the Client.
  2. Warrants that the inspector is irrevocably authorised to enter the Land for the sole purpose of conducting an inspection for pool compliance and any necessary reinspections.
  3. Agrees that the Owner, or the Owner’s authorised agent, will be present at all times during the Pool Compliance inspection and reinspection, by the Inspector.
  4. Will ensure that it is physically safe for the Inspector to attend the Land for the purpose of conducting a Pool Compliance Inspection.
  5. Will keep all pets and other animals, whether dangerous or not, owned or in the possession or control of the Owner, any occupier of the Land and/or the Client away from the Inspector and restrained so as to prevent escape from the Land while the inspector conducts the Pool Compliance Inspection.


Pool Safety Certificate

  1. Armstrong Projects is only authorised to issue a pool compliance certificate if the Inspector can confirm that all relevant requirements have been met.
  2. If the Owner is not satisfied with any decision of Armstrong Projects in relation to the Pool Compliance Certificate, the Owner is entitled to lodge an appeal with the Building Professionals Board [?]
  3. If Armstrong Projects issues a non compliance notice in respect of the pool inspected, Armstrong Projects is legally obliged to:
  4. Re inspect the pool at the request of the owner
  5. Advise the NSW Swimming Pools Register within six (6) weeks of the inspection



  1. Armstrong Projects will collect information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


Other Issues

  1. Armstrong Projects reserves the right not to conduct an inspection. If Armstrong Projects exercises this right, any money paid by the Client or the Owner to Armstrong Projects in respect to the requested inspection will be refunded.
  2. Armstrong Projects is not responsible for any loss suffered or any expense incurred by the Client or the Owner in respect to any failure or delay in the execution of Armstrong Projects obligations to the Client or the Owner.